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Do you like games that last for hours? Do you like games in which you can launch missiles, throw bombs and destroy things? Do you like stealth games? Then INTRUDER - War Areas was made for you! Execute your missions utilizing powerful machine guns, different types of missiles and devastating bombs. Fly through the sky in your INTRUDER vertical take-off and landing capable aircraft. INTRUDER - War Areas is an Arcade type game, developed in an Old-School style. Tension and fun in a single game!

• Different types of environments such as, desert, urban, rural and mountainous among others.
• Four campaigns, twenty missions and many types of goals!
• Many extra missions and goals!
• Combat, chase and destroy Apache helicopters, Hind, M1A1 Abrams tanks, T-90, Leopard, armoured cars of many different types and nationalities, armoured 4x4 geared with missile launchers and many others.
• Get in hostile territories and destroy enemy buildings and installations.
• Medals and promotions according to your deeds!
• Payment proportional to your performance.

INTRUDER - WAR AREAS is a flying and combat simulator where your strategy, patience, thinking speed and your aim will be tested all the time! Thus, welcome to the battle field soldier!


You have the roles of pilot and gunner of the INTRUDER, high capability of destruction aircraft. You earn points and money according to the completed goals and the amount of enemies you destroyed. At the end of each mission, you can buy new items to improve your INTRUDER. You will be able to buy missiles, improve the radar’s capabilities, reinforce the aircraft’s shielding, implement new electronic devices and much more!

Realize the mission with stealth, figure out the best path to your goal, and earn more points and money by not being detected.

Be wary!! Searching for you, there are men with missile launchers spread throughout the scene. Be fast or they get you!

Hopper Mines! They are above the soil waiting for you to carelessly step close by. That will result in total loss or at least lots of damages.

There are many other dangers and enemies you can’t guess. So, carefull! Attention!


INTRUDER - WAR AREAS – In 2064, many countries are engaged in conflicts or have imploded with violent civil wars.

Feeling the need to act but without direct involvement, some nations illegally hire private military companies.

Considering that, a group of investors bought many private military companies around the world, and founded the U.P.M.C. - Union of Private Military Companies. U.P.M.C. is a non-national-ideology-religion affiliated enterprise.

U.P.M.C. developed all its programs based on the INTRUDER, and the training of small paramilitary groups to support and work alongside the INTRUDER.


The INTRUDER is an aircraft developed by U.P.M.C. to operate in battle fields anywhere in the world, in any climate or ground. It can carry a huge amount of weapons with great capacity of destruction. With vertical take-off and landing capability, it can easily access small camps and be reloaded and refuelled in a hurry.

Due to the materials used in its construction, it’s almost impossible to be detected even by the most modern radars. This facilitates the INTRUDER’s ability to get in and out of hostile territories.


The U.P.M.C. sends encrypted information about the missions to the teams spread all over the world, in undisclosed locations.

Based on the received information, the team has to plan and develop the strategy to carry on and complete its goals in the best way. Once engaged, the team builds the support base, the closest possible to where the missions will happen.


Ok, soldier! You have been hired to be the commander of an INTRUDER. The U.P.M.C. trusts your performance and engagement. Go soldier! Time is money and somebody is losing it while you are there waiting!

Now it is in your hands! Go, go, go!